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Normally we don't make friends .. but occasionally some people are worth taking as allies
spicy clan  The Spicy Clan - Great site and the webmaster is one of  my favorite people  in the world (o:
spicy clan The VM clan - Well what can I say about these guys .. Their just one of those clans I guess ... and notice you'll also find them on our Enemies list.

The VM clan - "Some times you feel like a nut sometimes you don't" I think we have a love hate relationship with these fellas .. we love to hate them and they love to hate us

Karl__marx - He's just one of those people who enjoys being an annoying fool ... long live the loser !

War_saw - Grrrrrrrrr I hate that guy !

LxC clan - I forunatly have not had the pleasure of having to play these half wits , But Phantom_Sniper0 has come to realize that these guys could be some of the worst AoK players around " Retarded rooks " is what i believe he said to discribe them.

If you have anyone you would like to see on this page lets us know .... or if you yourself would like to be on this page lets us know , we'd be more then happy to oblige
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